Logistic projects

Clients who plan to construct a new warehouse or modernize an existing one and for whom economic and efficient storage and transportation systems with an efficient information flow system are most important in terms of company strategy, will find a unique, three-level logistic design system in our offer.

Warehouse racks

Our experience includes over 8000 installations of warehouse racks and 7 000 000 pallet places in warehouses in Poland and central-eastern Europe. We manufacture the racks in our factory in Zgierz on an automatic line, according to the design and technology of our partner - the market leader in France, Feralco.

Conveyor transportation

"The shortest way to the destination" - this is a task for our logistic designers when they design transportation routes together with the client at the stage of design analysis or audit of the existing condition. Selecting the way and means of transport of goods in the warehouse has a decisive impact on efficiency and costs of warehousing.

Warehouse devices

Wandalex specializes in designing the infrastructure of a working store and arranging its equipment by using devices for mechanization and automation of warehouse operations to optimize the flows of goods in an optimal way.


Robotization and automation in product displacement logistics is an integral part of the offer of automated transportation lines which Wandalex directs to production plants and distribution warehouses. The benefits arising from the robotization of pallet loading and unloading posts are measurable.

Automatic warehouses

When the company develops and, along with the development, expands its assortment and rotation of goods increases when logistic solutions based on manual systems are no longer sufficient and when speed and faultlessness of logistic processes is necessary, an automatic warehouse equipped with stacking machines warehouse viapal and viaspeed is a perfect solution.

Forklift trucks

Implementing our mission PARTNER FOR A LONGER TIME resulted in a leading position among the suppliers of forklift trucks and a fleet of more than 7000 of constantly serviced. The organization's reputation and high appreciation in the opinion of clients were built on the basis of cooperation with leading manufacturers and new solutions implemented by us, previously unknown in the industry, increasing investment safety and the standard of maintenance service.