Selected projects


Galicja – installation of a one-level service platform built on a structure of racks with shelves

"[...] Wandalex S.A. at the beginning of 2014 finished in the new hall the installation of 4660 m2 surface of a one-level service platform built on a structure of racks with shelves under the platform.\r\nThanks to this we gained additional 4660 m2 of floor made of grates for storage of goods on pallets and 4286 m2 on shelves to store smaller products.[...]" more


Modernization magazine Artech sp o.o.

[...] In certain changes the most important fact for the client was to create in the warehouse, apart from the possibility to store pallets, large quantity of racks for manual products storage in plastic boxes. Also in connection with the implementation of the new IT system, the boxes on the racks required separation so as to prevent moving. [...] more


PPHU MAGO Małgorzata Gostyńska

Wandalex turned out to be a perfect partner and a great advisor in the implemented project. Chipboards and furniture tops are a very demanding product to store, so we needed an experienced designer who would successfully cope with this challenge. The individual approach to the specific nature of our goods, made it possible to develop two storage systems at 7 levels. It yielded a very high coefficient of warehouse cubature use. As a result, our company has access to any cargo unit. This will enable optimizing warehouse processes, which positively affects the storage costs. more



ELA is a company manufacturing various kinds of industrial foils, highly specialist foils for laminating and printing as well as packages for the food, cosmetic and other industries. The company is undoubtedly a competitor for large manufacturers due to flexibility of its production as well as skills in construction of various recipes more

Agata Meble

Katowice Furniture Enterprise „AGATA” Joint-Stock Company

"Dynamic development of the company induced us to search for new solutions with regard to warehouse logistics. We replaced block storage with high-storage racks operated by side loader trucks. In Krakow, due to limited plot area, we had to find a more efficient solution. Our priority was to achieve the maximum number of pallets, keeping appropriate buffer zones. We also decided to build a warehouse with the height of 15 meters and the application of VNA trucks running on the inductive loop. It is our first independent project of this type in which the experience of Wandalex S.A. turned out very helpful." more