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PPHU MAGO Małgorzata Gostyńska

MAGO has been operating on the furniture market already for 20 years now. It specializes in providing the market with supplies for furniture production (boards and furniture accessories). The mission of the company is providing state-of-the-art furniture accessories.\r\n”We strive to ensure that the requirements and the wishes of our customers are given most attention. We want to achieve this by offering products of only premium quality at very attractive prices. Dynamic development of our company encouraged us to implement a new project, aimed at expansion of the machinery and the production-storage area.\r\nWandalex turned out to be a perfect partner and a great advisor in the implemented project. Chipboards and furniture tops are a very demanding product to store, so we needed an experienced designer who would successfully cope with this challenge. The individual approach to the specific nature of our goods, made it possible to develop two storage systems at 7 levels. It yielded a very high coefficient of warehouse cubature use. As a result, our company has access to any cargo unit. This will enable optimizing warehouse processes, which positively affects the storage costs.\r\nDue to the fact that, for implementation of this project, we used the EU funds, one of the basic criteria was the price. Wandalex submitted the bid most attractive in terms of price, maintaining, at the same time, all technical requirements, as well as the highest standards and the quality of its products, thus proving to be an adequate partner, presenting the principles which are followed by us as well”

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